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File Back Taxes
With the IRS and unfiled back taxes, one good fact is that the IRS has an unwritten policy about not prosecuting people that voluntarily file back taxes.
Negotiate Payment Plan
It's important to know that there are four basic types of installment agreements. Ask us for details.
Offer in Compromise
Read the facts. By filing an Offer in Compromise, you are offering to pay less than the full amount of your tax debts to the Internal Revenue Service. Start the process now.
Tax Services
Guccione offer somplete tax services including income taxes, sales taxes, bookkeeping, accounting and payroll.
Stop Garnishment and Levies
Are you suffering from or concerned about wage garnishment and levies from an IRS levy? We can help put a stop to wage garnishment and levies.
Defend You in an IRS Audit
Audits quite often end up bad for taxpayers costing them thousands of dollars in additional tax and penalty. However, IRS Audits do not have to end up bad for taxpayers if they defend the audit correctly. The best way to defend an IRS Audit is to have Guccione tax relief represent you at the IRS Audit.


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