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Services Offered
Guccione bookkeeping provides traditional audit and accounting services. In addition,we also offer other business advisory services toour clients. We believe that trust and technical competency are the foundation for relationships with our clients.We have invested in the technology to provide these services timely and efficiently. We are proud of the fact that our files are maintained completely electronically.We have had the privilege to serve a wide array of industries by providing services such as these:

Income tax services
General business consulting
Personal Financial Planning and Consulting
Peer review services
Small business accounting and payroll services

Income Tax Services

Our tax professionals help clients understand their tax liabilities and update them throughout the year about changes in the tax law. We work with business owners and individuals to guide them through the complex tax environment. Specific tax services would include tax preparation for all business entities, individuals and estate and trusts and non profit organizations. We also provide tax planning throughout the year, sales, use, and excise tax compliance.

Tax planning and preparation
Partnerships, LLC's and LLP's
Estate, Trusts and gift
Not-for-profit organizations
Representation before taxing auhtorities

General Business Consulting Services
Our general business consulting services help our clients address various issues that affect their business. We have assisted clients with many issues including: budgeting, cash flow forecasting, merger and acquisition planning, divestiture planning, compensation, and strategic planning.

Personal Financial Planning and Consulting

As an extension and integral part of our tax services we are available to help you assess your financial needs and develop strategies tailored to your goals and objectives. We can provide independent and objective guidance regarding estate planning, retirement and education funding, or general financial planning to help you determine your goals and objectives, identify problems and obstacles to achieving your goals and strategies to achieve your goals.

Estate planning to provide orderly transition of assets and reduce tax
Retirement and education funding strategies
Investment review and cooridination with other investment professionals
Financial planning to set goals, resolves problems, and strategies to achieve your goals.

Peer Review Services
We strongly believe in the peer review process as a means to improving the accounting and auditing services provided by the profession. Guccione has been involved in the peer review process since the beginning. We regularly perform peer reviews of both large and small firms. We are experienced with system and engagement reviews. We are members of all of the audit quality centers and therefore we are able to perform peer reviews of other members of those centers.

Small Business Accounting and Payroll Services
We perform small business accounting and payroll services which includes: summarization of receipts and disbursements, preparation of interim financial statements, after the fact payroll reporting compliance, and sales tax compliance. We have experienced staff dedicated to these services.



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